I won’t be adding a recipe this week because we’re coming up on my very favourite time of year, and I want to talk about…….

DEVOUR! The Food Film Fest

Do you attend any of the events or workshops, films, or amazing meals? There is such a dizzying array of things available during the 6 days of Devour! that there is literally something for everyone. Over and above the mind blowing meals I’ve enjoyed and thought provoking films that I’ve seen over the years, I’ve also learned how to properly butcher a fresh rabbit, to make bread, to pickle & preserve non-traditional ingredients, and been shown how make cheese, and mix a perfect whiskey. Do you love wine? Devour has you covered. Are sustainable farming practices important to you? Check! What about silly food films to make you laugh, or others so stark and bare and truthful that they make you cry? Yep. It’s there.

Josh, Patricia, Izaak, Lily & Frank have been huge supporters of Devour! for as long as I’ve known them. Besides providing local & visiting chefs with their gorgeous organic vegetables, they also make it a priority to take in as many food films as time will allow. Given the massive span of film topics, it can certainly be an emotionally draining week. i know that I have walked out of the Al Whittle theater on more than one occasion during Devour! with my heart either broken or hopeful, and tears glittering on my cheeks.

With both ticketed and free events taking place all over Wolfville, as well as Windsor and Kentville, I hope some of you have a chance to take some of it in. Even just a walk through the ever lovely Wolfville during Devour! is something special. Every nook and cranny seems filled with clusters of people discussing film or food or workshops, and the town sparkles with such a delicious excitement. You also never know who you’ll meet. I’ve chatted hot sauce with Chuck Hughes, talked farming with Bill Pullman, had drinks with Paul Virant & Jean Joho, shared a bus seat with Lucy Waverman, ate oysters with Bob Blumer, snapped a pic with the legendary Jacques Pepin, and shook the hand of the the late, great, Anthony Bourdain.

So…….. That’s my “Food Thought” for this week. If you have the chance to soak up any of the goodness of Devour! (Oct 22-27) DO IT! You can check out all of the events online or in the printed program, and they’re also very active on social media. When it comes to films about food, farming, sustainability or small scale artisans, there is no better encyclopedia then Devour!

See ya there!