Sustainable Development Goals

TapRoot Garden Plots

If you do not have access to land to grow your own garden, please contact us for one or more of 20 garden plots available at our 1736 Church Street location. Our plots are 6 ft x 25 ft. We will be around to support you in growing your crops. This land is certified organic land, so all of the seeds, inputs and management strategies must be approved for organic production. We are happy to provide you with everything you will need to successfully grow your garden. Included in your plot: we will prepare the soil and we will apply the amendments (fertility). We will make available at cost: for mulching, transplants and seeds. In exchange for the use of the garden plot, we ask that you pay as you are able or share your harvest with the farm as you are able. Cost: $50 per plot per year.

Purchase a garden plot OR support someone with one.

Supporting Community

Dartmouth North Community Food Centre

TapRoot is committed and inspired by the work of the Dartmouth North Community Food Centre. We provide a standing donation to the food centre each week .


Each week TapRoot provides a donation to S.O.U.P. most often of potatoes, onions and other veggies great for soup making. SOUP is an organization with CMHA-Kings in partnership with Grow Happy Food, and community partners throughout the Valley to create FREE Soup. People come together to help prepare food for the community.


Throughout the year if there are times when we have an abundance of 2nd vegetables or crops left in the field after harvest, we will post on our facebook page gleaning opportunities. This is an opportunity for those who can make it to the farm to come and harvest or collect as much as they need or want for their own use or wish to gather to donate.

#Zerohunger with TapBucks

Purchase TapBucks to use at any Noggins Corner Farm location and/or at TapRoot Farms. TapBucks are available for anyone who wishes to access local products and supports the efforts of Taproot Farms in cultivating organic food and fibre.


TapBucks can be used at all Noggins Corner Farm locations, as well as at TapRoot Farms. TapBucks provide you a 5% boost in buying power.

Order your TapBucks by contacting TapRoot Farms. Your TapBucks will be delivered after they are ordered. You will then be able to use these Tapbucks to pay for your local groceries at Noggins Corner Farm or pay for your CSA membership or for tickets to an event at the farm in the summer.

TapBucks is your cash. Over time we would like to expand the list of places where your TapBucks can be used.

You are invited to purchase TapBucks to keep for yourself or to give away to friends, family or donate to those who are experiencing food insecurity. This way they are able to use their TapBucks to purchase local and organic food.

95 Canadian Dollars = 100 TapBucks.

Food Banks

Kentville & Area

TapRoot regularly donates to the Kentville and Area food Bank and the canning and area food bank. If you are a food bank looking for donations please contact us. We keep the seconds we have from packing that are still great for cooking and eating and divide these among the organizations requesting donations.

Feed Nova Scotia

Contact Us

(902) 542-3277

Drive: 451 Canard St. Port Williams, NS

Mail: 1736 Church St. Port Williams, NS, B0P1T0

Enjoy weekly local produce year-round with our Community Shared Agriculture program

TapRoot Farms proudly supports women farmers through Farmers Helping Farmers.