Hi All!

This week marks the start of the new summer/fall share season, so welcome to all of the new & returning members! Today I thought I’d go over some storage tips for all of the beautiful fruit & veg that you’ll be bringing home, fresh from the farm. When I was working at Taproot, and in charge of making sure everything that came in was being handled and stored properly, I was surprised that I had been storing some things incorrectly for my entire adult life! Storing freshly harvested fruits and vegetables correctly is obviously very important at the farm- for both quality and to preserve the harvest for later dates when appropriate, but the same principals apply to us at home, just on a smaller scale.

Most people default to storing things in the fridge under the assumption that it will protect and maintain your food for longer periods of time. While that is true for a great deal of the goodies that we receive in our share boxes, there is a surprisingly long list of things that would fair much better at room temperature, or in a dark cupboard rather than in the refrigerator. You can assume that anything on this list that is stored at room temperature should also be stored in a vented container (ie; not in sealed plastic) and out of as much sunlight as is possible.







Squash (including zucchini & patty pan style)


Anything on this list that surprised you? Basil was the one that got me- I’d always put it in the fridge and just assumed that it was substantially more perishable that it is. Hopefully this list will help you make the most of the upcoming share season, and help cut down on unnecessary food waste!

Happy eating and I’ll see you nest week!