Hi All!

We know that these overwintered beauties are pretty much done until the next harvest, so it was really exciting to see a nice big bag of them in the shares recently. If you’ve traditionally not loved parsnips, make sure you give these ones a second chance, because overwintered parsnips are like a completely different vegetable compared to the ones fresh out of the ground. The sugars have concentrated and that slightly bitter flavour that some people note has left the building (or in this case, the storage cooler) To me, overwintered parsnips taste like coconut. Seriously, they become unbelievably sweet.

When I have a bunch of them, I like to utilize a recipe that freezes well, and this one is it! When you’re done, just divvy it up and put some away in the freezer for later in the season.

Parsnip Puree

Wash parsnips well- you can peel them, but you certainly don’t need to- and chop into evenly sized pieces. Toss with oil, sprinkle with salt and pepper, and roast at 400 for about 15 minutes or until very soft. Blend in a food processor, adding milk or cream or veg stock until smooth. Portion off as much as you’d like to freeze.

This is your standard puree, so when you’re ready to serve it, you can add additional seasoning to taste, fresh herbs, garlic….. whatever you like!