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August Update- Harvest, Hackling Machine and More!

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It’s August on the farm, which means the bees are a-buzzing and so are we. As more and more crops ripen and are collected from the fields it means all hands on deck at TapRoot Farms, which translates into equal excitement here at the Fibre Lab. We brought in a new addition to the team in July, Emily, who has been working to organize events, communicate the Fibre Lab vision, and to market and sell our machines and our products. You can reach out to her at any time at the Fibre Lab email (fibrelab@taproot.ca), or stop by for a tour of the processing line or the flax field so she can share with you her newfound knowledge (and enthusiasm!) about flax and linen.  Rhea is busy processing, learning to troubleshoot through the working of brand new machinery and ensuring that we keep up with demand as the flax products start to take off. Mike has been hard at work with our new hackling machine and Patricia went south of the border to spread the good news about Nova Scotia flax and met some passionate and enthusiastic flax growers and processors along the way. 

This month brought some exciting milestones. Our processed short-line tow, roving, and clean fibre are now on the shelves at Gaspereau Valley Fibres, and we are currently reaching out to fibre retailers all over Canada to see who may be interested in carrying our linen. Several Canadian fashion designers have already contacted us, anxiously awaiting the possibility of locally grown and naturally dyed linen fabrics, including some from Toronto, New Brunswick and Vancouver. Each product is from flax grown on the farm that has been rippled, broken, scutched, and hackled by the machines designed at the Fibre Lab. Some products have been further processed by a separator and carder from Belfast Mini Mills, and we are also hoping to start offering custom wool processing on these machines as well this fall.

If you are interested in become a retailer of Nova Scotian linen, send an email to fibrelab@taprootfarms.ca. All our products are also available to view and purchase online at our website, taprootfibrelab.ca.












Patricia attended the New England Flax and Linen Symposium in Deerfield, Massachusetts, as a presenter, where she was able to witness all different styles of hand processing and meet a number of other passionate flax enthusiasts. Emily and Mike prepared a video showcasing the completed machines for presentation at the Symposium, which you can view on YouTube here: https://youtu.be/ke13b4AwR6s










One of the most exciting developments of the month was the introduction of our fourth machine, the hackler. It consists of 60 combs, getting progressively finer, situated along two counter-rotating belts which brush and comb the scutched flax as it rolls through the machine. If you can’t picture it, a demonstration is featured near the end of the video linked above. The first few tests produced some very beautiful results, with long, shiny, shive-free fibres ready to be drafted and spun. These are very promising advances as we move closer and closer to having a fully functioning processing line.










The arrival of August also meant that the flax crop was nearing it’s 100th day and getting close to final maturity, which signaled the need to harvest. We hired a band and organized a corn boil, and invited all flax enthusiasts and community members to come partake in the great flax pulling. Having been an incredibly dry summer, the flax was not as long as it could have been, but certainly looked good and healthy as we pulled it from the ground. As luck would have it, one of only a few rainy days all summer fell on the day of the harvest and the band had to cancel, but the wet weather failed to deter any of our helpers. In fact, it almost felt as if people were encouraged to come enjoy the long-awaited rain, as the refreshing mist certainly made for a comfortable temperature and perfectly loosened soil. About 100 people came, and the amount of help we received and community interest in flax that we witnessed was a sign that we are on the right path here at the Fibre Lab, and that people genuinely believe in local linen as a viable product and exciting future project. We did not make it through harvesting all five acres, and encourage anyone who missed the harvest, or feels the urge to keep at it, to stop by at the farm and we will bring you out and show you how it’s done. This invitation especially extends to all who didn't hear about the harvest event through our newsletter, which we realized afterwards we had failed to send.


Photo from Kirk Starratt, Advertiser/Register





















All in all it's been a very productive month here at the Fibre Lab, and as we move closer and closer to having a finished machine line we have lots to keep us busy in the meantime. We are also contemplating a move with a more official storefront, so stay tuned for that possible update in the future! As always, we thank everyone who has taken an interest in our work here and don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions, advice, or just to talk flax.

Month update - May/June/July 2016

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If you have seen pictures of our linen products and are eager to try them, you are in luck! We recently launched our website, www.taprootfibrelab.ca, which includes online shopping capability. Our linen products are all produced from flax grown here on the farm, and any blended products are combined with local sheep’s wool.

In preparation for our website launching, we have been working on developing our logo and product labels. Our first batch of labels arrived from the printer mid-June and they look spectacular on the packaging.


Tow Roving beside the hackling combs


A few weeks ago we met with Frances, a professor from the Nova Scotia College of Arts and Design, to plan the exciting dye tests. Our goal is to use plants/plant material that is available locally, ideally on the farm, to create the dyes for the fibre. The idea is to have no adverse impact on the ecosystem and keep things as natural as possible. Synthetic dyes in the conventional textile industry are some of the worst water polluters in the world.



Our flax field is growing beautifully. Our five-acre field has bloomed and is in the final stages of developing seed pods. The flax is not as tall as we were anticipating due to all the dry weather at the beginning of summer, however we are hopeful for a few more centimetres before we harvest in August.  We are in the midst of planning a harvest festival on August 14th complete with music and maybe even food trucks, so stay tuned for more details!



Work continues with optimising our machines for the breaking and scutching process. Part of our long line flax processing challenge is designing a transferring system to move the fibre through each machine. We have been testing our fibre transfer system on the scutching machine and working to integrate the design of the hackling machine. The hackling machine construction has been on hold due to long wait times for some of our critical parts. These parts are now here, and the hackling machine construction has started again. The design stage has begun on our fifth machine which will take the hackled fibre and draw it out to create sliver. Things are moving along! 

Registration reopened for 2016 CSA

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We've assessed the crops & we have enough to open up the shares.

You are invited to join us for the remainder of the 2016 CSA season!!


We have opened 16 delivery locations with the following shares available:

Full Monty

Large Vegetable

Small Vegetable


Shares run weekly until the week of December 19th 2016. 


Go to http://taprootfarms.ca/shares/register to sign up today!

Please carefully review the membership agreement and online resources about our CSA before signing up. This is a very important step to ensure you and your family are on board with how things roll at TapRoot Farms. We hope by being fully informed it will make it an easy, fantastic and long lasting local food experience for us all.  

Question? E-mail us at csa@taprootfarms.ca

                or call 902 542 3277 ext. 2

FYI: Justine gets all of the CSA emails. She is a lead in coordinating the CSA. She has a little guy Gilbert who she loves spending time with. That means she is at work Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. Emails and calls will be returned but please be patient with us if you email on Thursday afternoon, you may not get a response until Monday. Thanks for understanding!



Monthly update - March/April, 2016

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Spring has sprung and we are all excited for what the season has in store for us.

Patricia met up with Suszanne Schwal back  in 2015 to talk about their adventures in linen. A year later, Suszanne popped by to check in on where we are at with things at TapRoot Fibre. She wrote a lovely blog post on her website about TapRoot Fibre Lab.

Our seeds for this upcoming growing season arrived from Belgium. This year we planted five acres of Melina on April 29th, 2016. Patricia is working on securing a second-hand grubber/puller for harvesting this year so we are not trying to harvest five acres by hand.

I (Rhea) attended the Saltscapes Expo on Friday, April 22nd, the biggest consumer expo east of Montreal that celebrates everything in Atlantic Canada. I presentated on our machinery and linen product line. I have been going to the Saltscapes Expo as a participant for several years now and it was interesting to be on the other side of things. (put the link to saltscapes here)

I (Rhea) have been working each day at getting linen processed so we will have product available for sale. I have been prototyping our long line linen equipment. I take the ‘waste’ from the scutching machine and process it into roving using the Belfast Mini Mill equipment.  Legacy Lane, a fibre Mill in New Brunswick are willing to try our short line linen roving through their spinning machine. We are excited to see their results and look forward to hearing from them.

Our immediate need is to launch an online shop for sales of the linen and the machines.

Mike, our engineer, plus people from Timberttec are working on installing an integrated transfer system. This system will help move the flax between each machine. Testing continues we are working on improvements for the breaker, testing rollers and on the scutcher - the turbine blade bluntness. We are awaiting the hackles for our hackling machine as they make their way from India. The hacking machine will comb the linen fibres to remove any remaining shive, any knots and short line linen (tow) fibres.

no deliveries Monday, March 21

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So much for welcoming spring!

We are postponing deliveries until tomorrow (Tuesday, March 22) because of slippery road conditions and the uncertainty of freezing rain later this afternoon. Monday deliveries will be at the same time, in the same place, one day delayed. 

We expect (and hope!) that this will be the last weather delay this season! :)