Pickled Purple Cabbage

Hey all! I like to fill my pantry with all manner of goodies for the winter, and this is definitely one of those things. You can skip the canning process step (the water bath) and store these in your fridge for use within the next few weeks. This is a super easy way...

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Herb Cream Sauce

Ok..... this one is super versatile! I've poured it over chicken, over pork chops, mashed potatoes, and even poached eggs. Seriously, you can put it on almost ANYTHING. Tarragon is my personal fav for this sauce, but sub out any herb that you have or want, based on...

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For the love of PEARS

Hi all! In my humble opinion, pear season is far too short. As much as I love to eat them fresh, I do make myself preserve some so that I'm able to enjoy their delicious flavour all winter, and here are a couple of my favorite ways tuck them away for future eating!...

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Braised Leeks (Veg, Vegan, or Not!)

It's Leek-a-palooza in the valley right now! I know that some people find the size or effort to clean them to be a little intimidating, so let's dive right in to how easy they can be. And how DELICIOUS! This recipe can be altered to be vegetarian, vegan, or not. Super...

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Apple Crumble Muffins

Hi All! I'm back to freezer goodies this week & this one can multitask like a champ! Breakfast, a snack, or a yummy dessert after lunch or dinner, this little piece of heaven does it all. And what says fall more than fresh apple crisp, right?! well, this is that.......

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Food Thoughts. AND FILMS!

I won't be adding a recipe this week because we're coming up on my very favourite time of year, and I want to talk about....... DEVOUR! The Food Film Fest Do you attend any of the events or workshops, films, or amazing meals? There is such a dizzying array of things...

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Freezer Burritos

Hi All! I know that there are a great many of you trying to get back into the swing of school, transport back and forth to team practices, games, play dates, and all of the other various events of your kids. Even without kids, getting into the fall and eventual winter...

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Baba Ganoush (Smoked Eggplant Dip)

Hi All! Today is all about the eggplant. Or, as they call it in Jamaica, Purple Garden Egg. (MOST ADORABLE NAME EVER) I know there are loads of people out there that do eggplant parmesan, or layered in lasagna, or just straight up grilled on the bbq, but for us, it's...

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Sun Dried Tomatoes at Home

Hi All! Since the tomatoes are coming in tidal waves right now, I'm going to send you all another excellent way to preserve them for the winter months. If you look in the grocery stores, you can easily find little bags of beautiful sun dried tomatoes, but they'll cost...

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Savory Tomato Toast

Hi All! I devoured versions of this recipe in Italy, Greece, and Spain, and while all were slightly different, they all start with toasted bread and beautiful fresh tomato pulp. There are already so many variations out there, and I've even created a few of my own, so...

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