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TapRoot Meat Share - Week 2

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Welcome to the second week of the 2014-2015 TapRoot meat share!

This week your share contains:

A whole Free Range Chicken from Longspell Point Farm.

A pound of ground pork or pack of 2 pork chops from here at the farm.

A pack of Cumberland sausages made with TapRoot pork by Helen and family at Salmontail sausages.

Ingredients of the sausages: TapRoot pork, water, rusk, salt, pepper, sage, marjoram, cayenne, nutmeg, and mace.

Cost breakdown of your share:

Whole chicken @ $5.35/lb, average weight 4.67lbs,                      $25.00

Ground Pork @ $4.50/lb, 1 lb packs $4.50

or Pork Chops @ $6.25/lb average weight 1 lb,                             $6.25 or $4.50

Cumberland sausages @ $8.50/lb, 1 lb packs                                 $8.50

                                                                                        Total: $38.00 - $39.75

TapRoot animal update:

Nathan has been working on a new mobile layer coop called an 'Eggmobile'. This will be their summer home, where they will lay their eggs and roost at night. During the day, they will forage around outside and daily or weekly the Eggmobile will be moved to a new patch of grass. This works particularly well when mixed with the rotation of cattle. The cattle first graze an area, then are moved to a fresh patch of pasture. The Eggmobile follows them, the chickens scratch around in the cow patties for larva and at the same time acting as a manure spreader, making the manure more evenly spread out. We are getting 5 beef cattle from a farmer down the road this year, so it'll be great to see this method in action.Ducks arroving at the farm

The ducks arrived at the farm last week, 100 of them, hatched by Jack Jarvis of Salmontail River farm. Until this year we have been buying in our ducks from Bergs hatchery in Manatoba. It's great to be able to support a new venture from a young farmer in our area. Here is a picture of a few more ducks that Helen (Jacks mom) brought to top up the numbers.

Our first flock of Free Range chickens will be ready for the meat share at the end of May. Until then we will be buying chicken from Longspell Point Farms in Kingsport. This year we have increased our quota, and so should have enough to get us through the winter with our own birds. Under our free range license, we're only to have chickens first of April to the end of November, this is because the birds must have access to fresh outdoor forage.    


If you have questions or comments please e-mail me (Justine) at Justine@taprootfarms.ca.

Hope you enjoy your meat share and have a great few weeks!


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