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How to tell us you are going to be away

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The CSA goes year-round, with 2 weeks off at Christmas.  If you are going to miss a week of delivery, we prefer that you find someone to pick up your share, or let us know by adding on a "Donation Week".

If someone is picking up your share, it is important that you make sure they know the name your account is under, and the hours and location of the pickup, as well as any other relevant information.  You may want to share our "Member Responsibilities" webpage with them so that they are aware.  You DO NOT need to let the farm know, but it is okay to do so if you wish.

How to Add on a Donation Week:

The donation week is basically just like an add on.  It needs to be added on within the week that it is happening, by no later than 8 am on the day of delivery (noon Friday if you pick up Saturday).  It does not subtract the value of your share from your account.  If you miss a week, you are missing that weeks' value, please be aware.

Where do shares get donated?

Click here to see all the great places we support!

Other options if you are going to be away:

  • Occasionally you can reschedule delivery to another location that we deliver to.  This is best done in advance as much as possible.  If you miss a pick up, we will not reschedule your delivery, as we have already done our part (delivering your share) once.  At least 48 hours notice is required to redirect a share delivery.

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