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Faces of the Farm: Meet Robert!

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Robert-- or Bobby-- was celebrating his 9 year anniversary of coming to Canada today.  He first came to Canada on July 1, 2006.

He was having rather modest celebration this morning, weeding the ginger crop in one of the tunnels.  He showed me where the little sprouts were just starting to come up.  Robert says he likes weeding to help the vegetable plants grow better.  When I asked what his favourite vegetable was, he said "Everything!" and then listed carrots, turnip, beetroot, and he says "I LOVE strawberries, especially strawberries". 

He likes growing pac choi and lettuce because they are easy to grow and easy to take care of.  He is easygoing and tells me anyone can say anything to him -- Which I followed by saying "screw you, Bobby!" and solicited a hearty chuckle, which is what I love most about Bobby- his great smile and laugh!

Happy 9 year anniversary Robert!

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