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Faces of the Farm: Meet Louise!

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Louise-- also known fondly around here as "Weesie"-- hails from Grand Bank, Newfoundland near the Burin Peninsula.  She and her husband Gerald travel to Nova Scotia each season for about 5 months to work at TapRoot Farms.  Louise's favourite things to do at the farm are bunching green onions and weeding.  Her least favourite part is the flies!  Her favourite veggie to eat that we grow at the farm is carrots.

In the winters in Newfoundland, she and Gerald enjoy ice fishing and going into the country on their ATV.  They have been coming to TapRoot Farms for 9 seasons now, and now bring their dog Brandy (chihuahua lab mix) with them!  She says they think it is a nice place to work and they like it.

I asked Louise if there was anything else she wanted to share about herself and she exclaimed "Yes!  I'm cute, adorable, and sweet.  And friendly!" and Jocelyn chimed in "she likes singing Christmas carols in July!"

Now you know more about Louise from Newfoundland!

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