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Faces of the Farm: Meet Josh!

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I was lucky to snag an interview with the elusive Josh Oulton this morning.  Josh has not been around as much lately because he's been laid up with a serious infection in his knee.  Today he was checking out something on Gerald's tractor when I caught up with him.


Josh has worked here since the farm's conception in 2004.  He was born in St. John's Nfld but grew up in Nova Scotia.

I asked him what he does on the farm in his own words, and he said: "I am the coordinator of activities."  Some of the things Josh really likes about farming are the seasons, planting crops and watching them grow, harvesting, seeing the farm's crops coming out of the fields in bins and going out and into storage, and the people he works with.  Josh's favourite crop is Onions-- to grow and to eat. Why?  "They're good."


Josh noted that he is excited most about the animal part of what's going on now at the farm-- He finds them entertaining and a great addition to the things that we do.  It is exciting to see some of the plans and dreams coming to fruition now, like the GMO-free feed we are working on and the pastured pork.  I asked if there was anything he didn't like, and he didn't even have to stop and think to reply: "Weeds. Who likes the weeds? If we could farm without weeds we'd have nothing to do. They are a nuisance."


Outside of farming, Josh plays hockey, skis, and enjoys spending time with his 3 kids and wife Patricia.


I also asked Josh for a health update, as that is the hot topic on the farm these days.  He is feeling hopeful that he will be better soon.  He can now bear weight on his leg and think clearly, and is starting to help a little bit whenever Trish asks-- He adds,  "I kinda like it, I just show up at the farm and she tells me what needs to be done."  A change for Josh from being the regular coordinator of activities.


On a final note, Josh supplied: "This year has been full of adversity and we are getting through it.  It's been especially hard for me with the recent hospital stay and health issues, but also hurricanes and babies and marriages have played a part in making this a harder year than most.  We will come through it!


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