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Faces of the Farm: Meet Jill!

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Jill was bagging freshly harvested basil when we crossed paths.  Josh came downstairs and they discussed the recent planting, which Jill described as "a joy to pick!": She is definitely in the right line of work!  This self-identified "herbie" (as we've started fondly calling our herb division) also names her favourite crops to eat as herbs, specifically cilantro and basil.

Jill started in May and works mostly in the herb production at TapRoot.  She came to the farm to gain more experience with large scale agriculture, and TapRoot was appealing because of the people, location, and the fact that it's organic.  Jill is originally from Halifax, but currently lives on the farm in what she and her neighbours call "The Trailer Park".  She says it is cozy and wonderful, and she likes her neighbours Calvin and Brodie!

When Jill is not being a herbie, she is a drummer in a jazz/punk/new wave/no wave band.  When I went to snap her photo, she mentioned that she feels like she is re-learning how to smile after a tooth extraction yesterday-- these farmer gals are tough as nails!  Jill also runs a small garlic and herb CSA with two friends in Grand Pre, and has for the past 6 years.  They also make salves and dried herb blends.

I've decided Jill really IS tough-- her favourite crop to harvest at the farm is stinging nettles.  She says she likes going out to the far, wild regions of the farm after this crop, and is generally interested in wildcrafting.  Jill's skills and love of herbs is evident in the gorgeous bags of basil she was bagging up for wholesale today-- coming to a share box near you very soon!

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