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Faces of the Farm: Meet Gerald!

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Coming back from dropping off water samples in Kentville today, I knew where I'd find Gerald-- In the onion patch!  Sure enough, he was out weeding, and when I mentioned how good the section he had already weeded looked, he pointed to the section he was working on that is particularly weedy, and proclaimed "Oh my geez!".  The onions are grown through black plastic mulch, but the pathways and the holes still require weeding efforts.  Gerald has gone through the entire field once and is now working on the second round.  He says that onions are his favourite crop to grow on the farm, and he likes planting and growing them, but not weeding them!  I asked why he likes growing onions and his honest answer was "I don't really know!  I've been doing it so long, it's just what I do."

I asked Gerald if he had any nicknames, and he said when he used to work in Alberta there were too many Geralds, so they called him Jerry.  That was back 10 years ago, before he started working at TapRoot.  He told me the story about how he and his wife Louise came to work at the farm.  9 years ago, Gerald was over at his father's house and the phone rang.  It was Josh, looking for Calvin to come back to work at the farm.  Gerald asked if he could take a message, and the rest is history!  Gerald joined the farm team that July, and Louise joined him in August.

Give Gerald a field ripe beefsteak tomato in August with some salt, and he's happy: It's his favourite crop to eat.  When back home in Grand Bank, Newfoundland, Gerald also likes to go out in the country on his ATV in the winter and go ice-fishing, and he mentioned that he and Louise are going to fit in some camping when they return this October. 

Thanks to Gerald for showing me the onion patch this morning and telling me more about himself!


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