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Faces of the Farm: Meet Evelyn!

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I told Evelyn that I snapped a great photo of her yesterday and I needed to ask her some questions.  She demanded to see the photo, disagreed that it did her wonderful smiling face justice, and punched me in the arm and said "you can use that photo, only because I'll do anything to help you out, Teri!"  That's Evelyn!  Somehow, I even got her to answer some questions for me too!

Evelyn is working her 5th year at TapRoot Farms.  She is originally from Cape Breton, and has lived in the Valley for about 30 years.  She likes working on the farm because she loves the outdoors.  She used to fish for a living, but now enjoys spending time working outdoors at TapRoot, and says she has nice employers.  When I asked her to tell me what she does at the farm, she said: "Everything!".  Her and Betty manage the eggs (washing, picking up, rotating, labelling), do wiggle weeding, pack brussels sprouts and cut and peel and pack squash in the wintertime. 

I asked Evelyn what she likes to do at home when she's not working and she said "I work at home.  No spare time, only work!".  Her favourite veggies to eat harken to her roots in Cape Breton: Potatoes, turnip, and carrots.  She explained that she grew up on these veggies- "They were the main course!".

Evelyn's sense of humour brightens everyone's day here at TapRoot Farms.  She is diligent, takes doing a good job seriously, and is concerned about making sure things run smoothly and efficiently at the farm.  Thanks for putting up with me, Evelyn, so everyone can get to know your face and your role on the farm!

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