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Faces of the Farm: Meet Aliah!

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Each morning, Aliah and I pass on the Wellington Dyke Road-- me in the car, she on her trusty bicycle!  Aliah bikes to work every day from her home in Canning.  This week Jocelyn and Justine are both away and so Aliah is filling in as the lead for wholesale.  This means in addition to her regular duties of washing, bunching, and packing, Aliah is also ensuring that the harvest crews are in the loop about what is needed, that deliveries are coordinated, and the packing is done to specifications.  This is a big job, but Aliah is not worried and said "It's fun.  I like it!"

Aliah first came to the farm as a babysitter when she was only 13 years old.  She has moved into becoming a vital part of the farm team over the past couple of summers, usually bunching or packing, but she does anything that needs to be done around the farm.  She doesn't have a favourite task, but says she likes everything.  Aliah's favourite veggies that we grow are sweet potatoes and sweet corn.

In her spare time, Aliah is a talented dancer.  She does contemporary and modern dance.  She's been dancing for almost 12 years, and will continue her dance education when she attends Concordia in the fall.  Aliah says she is excited to live in a city, but she will miss the valley because it's so beautiful.  I agree! You know a place is really special when someone who has lived their whole life here like Aliah has, and still finds the scenery stunning when biking to work everyday.   The valley will be a little less beautiful when Aliah leaves to attend school, and we will all miss her!

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