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CSA Member Rubber Boot Tour

Posted on by Patricia Bishop

CSA members really make a day wonderful!  On Saturday we had a one hour tour around the farm at 2 PM. The best part of Saturday's tour for me, no offense adults, was the kids. The kids were excited and running and playing and talking and asking questions and exploring. Here are a few pictures of our time together.

This little one is a twin. She and her twin + parents arrived via bike wagon from Canning. Her little eyes were darting all around taking it all in.





Steve was harvesting Jerusalem Artichokes when we came along. Josh got down to dig some up for us to see. They are in this weeks share. These ones we planted in rows to see how the size and quality would turn out. They turned out really well compared to previous years in terms of size. I haven't tried one yet so we will have to see how the flavour goes. Let us know what you think:))




We did a walk through the greenhouse. Tomatoes are popping up, lettuce and many other veggies. Flowers are coming along nicely. The whole space is full. The heat and the moisture feel great.



Some of the kids love the tractors...even if they don't work so well:)












Kingsley and Bolo are getting the door put onto the tunnel that Jon seeded on Friday. 













Here we are...viewing where in a few weeks there will be green....beet greens, radish, mixed greens.....yummy! Same tunnel as above. Kingsley and Bolo came along after we left.

Walking past the Swallows Nest Farm Stay and the pigs who were finding some green to nibble on.







Thanks for coming. It is great to meet you and talk with you and share with you the farm and all it provides for us.

Come for a walk anytime:)

Happy April!



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