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Feb 15 Delivery Update

Posted on by Patricia Bishop

Good day all,

All regular Wednesday deliveries are a go.

All Monday deliveries are also a go today. EXCEPT St. Marks pickup will starts at 4:45 - 6PM 

Hawthorne St. and St. Peters locations please look for Justine in a grey minivan. St. Mark's locations look for Patricia in either the blue Subaru or grey Matrix. 

Mariposa deliveries are happening tomorrow with timing TBA.  

Many thanks, 


Update: Feb 14th

Posted on by Patricia Bishop

Happy Valentine's Day! 

Today we are digging out here at the farm. Josh and Tim have gone out to help some pigs dig out too. They have drifts all around them. 

Yesterday (Monday) was our share making day for Monday and Tuesday deliveries. We did not get any of the shares made yesterday because of the storm. 

Today we are currently sorting out what is possible to accomplish with a significantly reduced time frame and fewer staff as they are still digging out. 

We hope to have a plan in place by 10:30 AM. 

Many thanks,






Update: Feb 14th 10:30 AM

Posted on by Patricia Bishop

Hello CSA Members:

Please read carefully.

1) If you can not make pick-ups because of the weather/stuck in snow please email csa@taprootfarms.ca and let Justine know what you'd like to do. Your options are to double up next week or collect your share this week at another location. Please see the list on our website of locations you can choose from.  PLEASE take note that with this weather things may change at other locations too so keep an eye on facebook and our blog.

2) MONDAY deliveries that did not occur because of storm are NOT happening today, Tuesday. We don't have the capacity to make the shares and get them all delivered today and it seems to me best to carry on with the Tuesday usual plan and make up Monday on Wednesday. We need to sort out details with the locations and confirm that Wednesday will work for them. A confirmed update will come later today. We are sorry for this! We just don't have enough time or hands at the farm right now.

3) TUESDAY deliveries including Seaport (it is opening at 12), The Loop (Mimi is opening this afternoon),The Grainery, Brunswick Street, Edgewood/Hope Church &  Fredricks St. We will NOT be making it to MARIPOSA today, we don't have enough time to get there. We are tentatively planning we will delivery to MARIPOSA on Wednesday. This will be confirmed later today. 


Monday deliveries happening Wednesday (to be confirmed)

Tuesday deliveries happening today except Mariposa

Mariposa deliveries happening Wednesday (to be confirmed)

If you can't get to the delivery because of day change or stormed in please email Justine at csa@taprootfarms.ca and let her know if you'd like a double up next week or to collect at another location this week and if you choose another location keep an eye on updates for that location. 

Many thanks everyone!



Make up Tuesday Delivery update

Posted on by Patricia Bishop

Good evening all, 

All Tuesday deliveries will arrive tomorrow, Wednesday January 25th. Same time and same location. IF you absolutely can not accommodate this change up, please email Justine at csa@taprootfarms.ca and let her know which other location works for you this week OR if you'd like it to come next week. We are delivering the regular Wednesday delivery tomorrow too, so please let us know as soon as possible your preference if you can not make it. We realize this is annoying but better to be safe we think. 

I am not sure how the weather has turned out in the city, but here Frank was skating in the farm driveway. 

Have a nice evening,