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Tuesday February 3: Deliveries

Posted on by Patricia Bishop

As of right now, 9:50 AM our roads are not clear.

If we get plowed by 11 AM we can still do the Tuesday deliveries. 

If we are not plowed by 11 AM we will postpone Tuesday deliveries until later in the week. 

I hope we can still do the Dartmouth deliveries later today. Again, we will need to be plowed by 2:30PM to make yesterday Dartmouth delivery work.

I will let you know at 11 if we are able to get out in time for today's deliveries. It is a lovely day out there now, just that we have drifts the height of the truck on our road. 




Tuesday February 3: Delivery update

Posted on by Patricia Bishop

It is 11:08 AM.  We can not deliver Tuesday shares today. We can not get to the farm to load the van or get the van on the road.  

All regular Tuesday deliveries are postponed. My hope is that Friday can work for all of our drop off locations again this week. I will confirm with everyone once I know for sure. 

I will update by 2 PM whether we will be able to do the Hawthorne Delivery or not. 

Thank you!


Saturday Deliveries: Updated

Posted on by Patricia Bishop

Saturday CSA Members,

The road report to Mount Uniacke isn't great.

The forecast for the rest of the day in the delivery areas and the Valley isn't great.

I need to travel with Lily and Frank and with freezing rain I just don't think it is necessary today.

I will plan to depart and be at all of the delivery locations tomorrow same time, same place.

If that does not work for you, then we can either double up next week or you can pickup at Hawthorne St on Monday between 4:30-5:30. 

It may turn out to rain all day, in which case I am sorry for the trouble. It is freezing rain here right now.