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We are organic vegetable farmers who believe farming is vital to keep our rural economy alive.


We are growing plants for making garments because we value sustainable economies. View the official TapRoot Fibre Lab website here: taprootfibrelab.ca.


Linen is a beautiful textile for garments and household wear. It's history in Nova Scotia goes back 350 years to the early white settlers. We are re-establishing a viable industry in flax growing and processing; an ambitious venture and one that we believe can endure beyond our lifetime.


We are developing long line flax fibre processing machinery to transform retted flax into fine linen yarn, and we are doing this on a scale that can generate localized economic growth in smaller, intentional communities and rural communities. 




The Details

We are investing in small scale linen production, from seed to yarn. After 2 years of growing and testing processing techniques, we are developing the appropriate mechanization in order to process flax fibre in a cost-efficient manner. We are passionate about investing in rural infrastructure and finding sustainable technologies to achieve economic success through value-added products. We love that linen is a plant-based fibre that we can incorporate into our organic vegetable rotation.


The Nova Scotia Cultural Action Network commissioned a study in 2009 that looked at building the creative economy. It was built on a belief that in rural communities and cities alike, artistic education, research, creation... not only foster creativity, but also promote economic renewal, regional regeneration, community identity...  The study determined that Nova Scotia is sorely lacking in the infrastructure to make this happen.

We are creating the infrastructure.

There is a movement afoot--a commitment to focus on growing localized economies; a belief that communities can take charge of their economic future. 


We value and are committed to a sustainable, localised economy.

TapRoot Fibre Lab will be the only company in North America devoted to manufacturing small-scale machinery to transform flax into linen yarn; offering an alternative to large, commercial processing and keeping money in our communities.


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