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Community Shared Linen (CSL)

‚Äč(to sign up and to learn more about our fibre work at http://taprootfibrelab.ca/)


Community Shared Linen (CSL) is an opportunity to support a localized small-scale textile industry from seed, to fibre, to final piece. Join us on this journey by investing in a year-long share of linen garments, accessories, and household items. Your share will be directly supporting local linen production, artisans and craftspeople in Nova Scotia.


Shareholders will receive products over the course of 2018. The garments are custom made to each individual shareholders measurements with responsive product support. Shareholders will also be included in the development of this limited edition first TapRoot line with regular updates and unique insights into the entire creative process.


This is an opportunity to support and invest in the beginnings of a community-based clothing line created by Abi, Patricia, Josh and the amazing team at TapRoot Farms and TapRoot Fibre Lab. By becoming a member of our CSL you are actively participating in the evolution inspired by farm-based innovators Patricia and Josh to grow clothes at TapRoot Farms and supporting the creative work of emerging fashion designer Abi. Together we can create the foundation for a sustainable, ethical, thriving agricultural and fibre-arts business that produces dynamic, fun, and accessible linen pieces within 200 km of where the flax is sowed.


What are you investing in:

This is about more than the clothes and accessories. The 2018 TapRoot Community Shared Linen has been created to fulfill our dream of growing clothes from the farm. With this share you are supporting the financial requirements of the final phases of making it all a reality. Your investment will enable getting our two processing mills fully operational (employment for 5 people), completing the research and design on the last two steps needed to spin long line linen, hiring a designer (Abi) who will design, create, manage and share her gifts with us, and getting everything in place for a 2019 clothing line (a vibrant future). You will have the very first clothes from the farm, a 2018 limited edition.



We want to provide people with clothing that honours:

  • the land and the ecosystem, sustainability of natural resources (water, air, soil, habitat)

  • the people who work from sowing seed to the sewing machine

  • our community

  • inclusiveness

  • the body

  • excellence in quality


We want our CSL to:

  • expand possibilities

  • be accessible, fun and rewarding

  • build excitement

  • improve our community resilience (supports and evolves our local economy)

  • educate


Our CSL offering for 2018:


Linen Garments: woven wrap dress, camisole, skirt, trousers

Linen/Wool Garments: loose knit vest, summer cardigan, knit tunic

Accessories: felted bag, knit scarf, felted slippers

Household Items: felted trivet, dishcloths, dish towel, napkins, table runner


All items are made with 100% linen or linen blends. All of the linen is from the 2016 and 2017 harvest at TapRoot Farms. The wool is from happy sheep that our neighbour Jim Petrie raises.


Share Investment:

We have calculated three TapRoot Community Shared Linen (CSL) memberships.

The memberships begin October 1 2017, with delivery of items throughout 2018.


Option 1: $4,245.00 includes: 15 limited edition fibre arts items from January to December 2018 with your first item in delivered in January 2018.

Option 2:  $2,160.00 includes: one linen garment, two linen/wool garments, one accessory and one household item.  You will receive your four items throughout 2018 at dates to be confirmed in early November.

Option 3: $756.00 includes: one wool/linen garment and one linen household item OR accessory $750.  You will receive your two items throughout 2018 at dates to be confirmed in early November.


Our tentative schedule for Option 1:

January: felted trivet (linen/wool blend)

February: loose knit vest (linen/wool blend)

March: woven wrap dress (linen)

April: dishcloths and dish towel (linen)

May: camisole (linen)

June: skirt (linen)

July: napkins and table runner (linen)

August: summer cardigan (linen/wool blend)

September: felted bag (linen/wool blend)

October: trousers (linen)

November: knit tunic (linen/wool blend)

December: scarf and slippers (linen/wool blend)


The dates above are dependant on many factors. This is our tentative schedule. You will be along with us on this journey. If timelines shift, you will know. Our aim is to have a minimum of one item delivered each month. We will have everything delivered before the 20th of December 2018.


How it works:

Sign-up online at www.taprootfibrelab.ca

Sign-up is open from Saturday September 16 – October 1, 2017

Payment can be made via email transfer or via cheque. Paypal is also an option but is a more expensive option for us.

Cheque can be sent to: TapRoot Fibre Lab, 1736 Church Street Port Williams NS B0P1T0

E-transfers via: admin@taprootfarms.ca

After you sign up, Abi will be in touch to set-up an appointment to have your measurements taken in November. We will send you regular updates on the progress of our CSL. You will get a minimum of one email per month sharing this journey of making your clothes, household goods and accessories. If you chose option 2 or 3, we be in touch in October to get your choices of what designs you want included in your share.



If you wish to chat with us please feel free to contact Patricia Bishop at 902 670 3277 (cell) or email patricia@taprootfarms.ca

Abi will be joining us in November.

For more information please follow us on Instagram and Facebook!


What your CSL membership will accomplish:

For five years we have been working towards local linen production. We are very close to being in full production. The funds raised from CSL members will do the following in order:

  1. Cash flow the set-up of the primary processing mill of retted flax into fibre that will be spun. Renovations on the space and set-up of the mill will be complete by mid – late October. Two staff will be hired to work full time in this mill. It will be located at 1726 Church Street. (Note: The renovations to the barn will be paid for via our mortgage)

  2. Set-up of the spinning mill in Greenwich. The spinning mill has been operating for a number of months but needs minor changes. Most importantly, the mill requires enough fibre to process and that will come from our primary processing mill. We plan to re-open the mill in early November to begin spinning large volumes of linen and linen wool blends. We will also set up the dye work station, yarn finishing station and wool washing station in this space. This mill is located at 10009 Hwy 1 (Noggins Corner Farm old winter market, located under the “Farm Market” sign on the roof). We will hire three people to work in this mill. One part-time manager, one full-time operator and one part-time operator.

  3. Securing Abi Hodson as our designer to begin drafting the patterns, creating samples and laying out the work plan while also making contact with all of the CSL members getting your measurements.

  4. Getting yarn to Leslie Armstrong to weave yardage at her weaving studio at Lahave weaving studio.

  5. Purchasing industrial sewing machine/or fixing a donated one, acquiring a serger, a drafting table, a dress form (a Judy). Purchasing other tools needed for the drafting and sewing.

  6. Arranging knitters with Marilyn Rand.

  7. Beginning production of products!


What if you prefer more masculine garments or garments beyond the gender binary?

If you prefer more masculine garments we want to hear from you! Additionally, if you would like garments that are less binary please reach out. We will be working throughout 2018 to develop a more gender inclusive product line for 2019. We want to make sure we can put in the time and energy to deliver high-quality products and we decided to focus on more feminine based garments as masculine garments can be more technically complex and developing such a range is beyond our current operational capacity. We want to know if there is interest.


Abi Hodson is an award-winning recent graduate from Ryerson University for Fashion Design with a focus on sustainable, ethical garment creation. We are excited that she shares our vision and we can support her commitment to ethical design in a competitive and problematic industry. Together we will produce a line of pieces maintaining a personal connection to every element of the process. It will be an exciting journey to follow from sketch and seed to material development and garment creation.


(learn more about our fibre work at http://taprootfibrelab.ca/)